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Big and bold, perhaps it is no surprise to find Texans championing the greatness of Aglianico. This American example shows ripe rhubarb and cherry on the palate, leafy green characters and boiled sweets. The alcohol is well integrated. There’s a casualness to this wine that would suit a bacon cheeseburger.

WBSS24 Uplift Vineyard Aglianico 2020

Founders Chris Brundrett and Andrew Sides Embrace the Unique Llano Uplift Region

The spirit of Uplift Vineyard is rooted in the land that it occupies. Founders Chris Brundrett (William Chris Vineyards) and Andrew Sides (Lost Draw Winery) believe that the Llano Uplift geological region in the Texas Hill Country is one of the most unique and special places to grow grapes in the state and this project is their humble attempt to explore and celebrate that through site-driven single variety wines as well as classic blends. Uplift is home to an estate vineyard of 22.25ha planted with 13 varieties.

Crafting Excellence: Uplift's Commitment to Quality

This label produces only estate wines from the highest quality grapes that the vineyard provides each vintage. Winemaker Claire Richardson and Vineyard Manager Rob Strain Dedicate Themselves to Sustainable Practices Winemaker Claire Richardson and Vineyard Manager Rob Strain work tirelessly to create sustainably grown, minimal intervention wines which showcase the unique terrain, geology and soil types of the vineyard. Each of the varieties is thoughtfully matched to one of the four main soil types found in the vineyard, all over granite subsoil. Together, the soils and team at Uplift Vineyard help Italian, Spanish, Rhône and Bordeaux cultivars to thrive and express a uniquely Texan balance.


Terroir in Every Bottle: Expressing Texan Identity

The Uplift Vineyard is a celebration of a one-of-a-kind terroir. The Llano Uplift formation is the heart of Texas and was created around 1.4 billion years ago when magma under Texas hardened to metamorphic rock, in this case, granite. Over time the sedimentary rock that formed over this granite eroded to create what appears to be an 'uplifted' dome of granite in the alluvial fan of the Colorado River. This dome contains the oldest rock at the subsurface of Texas, and it is here that Uplift Vineyard is planted. Our viticulture and winemaking style allows the land to speak for itself. This is achieved through low-intervention techniques that preserve fruit and reinforce the elegance the place provides. For each vintage, only the top 10% of the grapes the property produces are used, which are aged in mostly or entirely neutral oak barrels. At the helm of our winemaking program is Claire Richardson. Having worked in wine around the world, Claire brings a unique and forward-thinking approach to winemaking. She holds a steadfast belief that Texas deserves a place as one of the world’s best wine-growing regions.


A very spicy wine of modest fruit intensity on the nose. Ripe rhubarb and cherry on the palate along with a leafy green character and boiled sweets. Excellent alcohol integration and a great persistent finish. Well made and polished with high quality tannins.


This wine would pair nicely with dishes that have a slightly richer and fruitier glaze. Perhaps beef in a tomato and red pepper stew or a grilled ribeye steak. There is a casualness to the wine that would also make it a great pairing with a bacon cheeseburger with mushroom and barbecue sauce.


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WBSS24 Uplift Vineyard Aglianico 2020

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