World's Best Sommeliers' Selection (WBSS) is delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with Gabriel-Glas, a union born out of a shared commitment to elevating the wine experience.


This collaboration brings together the expertise of WBSS, renowned for curating the finest wines with the input of top global sommeliers, and Gabriel-Glas, creators of the unique GABRIEL-GLAS©—a medium-sized, elegant, and affordable glass designed to enhance the nuances of every wine.

One for all - unbelievable wine enjoyment

As WBSS continues to celebrate excellence in winemaking and storytelling, our partnership with Gabriel-Glas adds a new dimension to the appreciation of curated wines. Together, we embark on a journey to present exceptional wines in glassware crafted with precision and passion. Join us in raising a glass to the harmonious blend of expertise—where the art of selection meets the artistry of glass design. Cheers to a partnership that enhances the enjoyment of every sip, ensuring that each wine tells its story with brilliance and elegance.

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