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St. Eden

Cabernet Sauvignon with Wagyu beef, grilled kohlrabi and Jerusalem artichoke - the dream team? Certainly, this classy Napa Valley Cabernet from iron rich, volcanic soils is on the stairway to heaven. Ripe blackcurrant and wild cherry fruit, leafy herbaceous notes and sweet oak spices make for a rich indulgent texture.

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Elevating Tradition: The Essence of Bond Wines

The enduring vision at Bond - established in 1996 by H. William Harlan and founding winemaker Bob Levy - is to create a portfolio of wines that are ‘Grand Cru’ in quality, all under the aegis of one philosophy, one team, one mark. Sourced from select hillside estates throughout the Napa Valley, the Cabernet Sauvignon wines of Bond vividly convey the distinctive characters of their respective sites.

Selection of Hillside Estates

From the more than 100 vineyards with which the Harlan family and their vine-growing team have worked over the past four decades, they slowly and deliberately chose five properties. These vineyards became a part of Bond - their covenant and shared commitment to produce only the finest expression of their land.

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Sublime Terroir: St. Eden Vineyard

The 4.45ha of St. Eden is sited at around 50m upon a rocky knoll that is part of a beautiful estate located just north of the Oakville Crossroad. Eden is a historical reference to this region's designation on 19th-century maps. The iron-rich, red, rocky, volcanic soil of this north-facing site originates from high in the Vaca Mountains.

Characteristics of St. Eden Wine

St. Eden, which appeared first with the 2001 vintage, reliably shows great focus, an opulent ‘sweet’ centre and notes of crème de cassis, dark chocolate and roasted herbs. Mineral-tinged and broad on the palate, the wine consistently displays fine-grained tannins and a lush concentration.


Deep ruby red colour with a purple tinge. Beautiful nose of ripe blackcurrant and cassis, wild cherry, leafy herbaceous notes. Sweet oak spices give the wine a rich velvety texture, beautiful mouthfeel with ripe firm tannins and a vibrant acid backbone. Elegant, classy wine, top class!


Cabernet Sauvignon and Wagyu beef fillet is surely a match made in heaven? Serve the steak with grilled kohlrabi, Jerusalem artichoke purée and beef sauce. Alternatively, red meats grilled with some soft tacos on the side with BBQ sauce.


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WBSS24 St. Eden 2019

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