La Piu Belle

Chile, Cachapoal Valley


La Piu Belle

The sweeping valleys of Millahue, Central Chile, are just an hour's drive from the snow-capped Andes. Here, from high altitude, sustainable vineyards comes this Carmenère blend with its juicy cherry and blackberry fruit, blackcurrant leaf and spicy black pepper. A spicy wine for spicy food; beef tartare with spicy seasoning.

WBSS24 VIK La Piu Belle 2021

The Quest for Terroir Excellence

Inspired by the concept of terroir, Harvard University graduates, Alex and Carrie Vik, carried out a scientific search of South America to find the perfect terroir to grow the perfect grapes to produce the best wines in South America, with the hopes of joining the pantheon of the world’s best wines. They found over 4,300ha virgin terroir in the Millahue Valley, two hours south of Santiago, and created a vineyard out of this spectacular wilderness. La Piu Belle is the goddess of nature, love, fertility, beauty and art. She is the goddess of Vik, representative of their place of gold in the Millahue Valley.La_Piu_Bella_2020_WBSS24_1

A Reflection of the Cool Year, Expressive and Dynamic, Showcasing the Authentic Terroir of Millahue in Cachapoal Valley

She is the mystical world’s personification of the incredible terroir. She embodies the sun enlightening the mist covering the Millahue Valley at dawn. She incarnates the freshness of the Pacific coastal and Andean mountain breezes cooling our grapes during the luminescent summer. She is the gentle rains giving life to our vines, enhancing and liberating the fragrance of the green and luxurious native flora and fauna surrounding our vineyard. She is the complexity of our soils, the roundness of our hills and beauty of our valleys.


Clear, bright red wine with an intense ruby core and purple rim, youthful. The nose is open and very intense. Primary aromas of overt blackcurrant, bramble and plum. Herbaceous aromas of grass and hay lead to secondary aromas of cedar and cinnamon. The palate is dry with moderate refreshing acidity. Warming alcohol is balanced by the smooth texture and high level of integrated silky tannins. Pronounced ripe, juicy cherry and blackberry fruit intertwined with blackcurrant leaf and a spicy black pepper note leaves a long, pleasing finish.


This spicy wine will cope well with spiced dishes such as beef tartare with a spicy seasoning or try seared tuna tataki, dark sesame and old soy sauce which would certainly bring out the classic characteristics of Carmenère.


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WBSS24 VIK La Piu Belle 2021

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