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La Linterna Chardonnay, El Tomillo Estate, Parcel #1 - Gualtallary

Argentina, Mendoza


La Linterna Chardonnay, El Tomillo Estate, Parcel #1 - Gualtallary

The Andes, the highest mountain range outside Asia and over 50 million years old. Here family run Bemberg Estate are pioneering viticulture at high altitudes. From their limestone vineyard comes this most mineral of Chardonnays. Small batch winemaking brings forth apple, citrus and flint. Gorgeous with lemon sole or lobster.

WBSS24 La Linterna Chardonnay, El Tomillo Estate, Parcel #1 - Gualtallary 2018

A Legacy of Passion: The Bemberg Family's Journey into Winemaking

The Bemberg family arrived in Argentina from Europe and it was the inspirational figure of Otto Peter Bemberg with his amazing ability, sharp intuition and charismatic personality who laid the foundations of this cosmopolitan family of entrepreneurs.

Otto's Vision: A Fusion of Cultures

Otto quickly identified with the country, but at the same time remained faithful to his European origins by maintaining strong diplomatic ties, meeting influential people in different cities where a fascination for wine was a distinctive cultural trait and very much a part of each gathering.

Expanding Horizons: Acquisition and Passion

This strong bond with wine has endured to this day, being reinforced in 2010 with the acquisition of a leading group of wineries, which fueled the family's passion to grow in leaps and bounds. Over time, the family found itself with the desire to have their own collection, with unique wines that would bear Otto's imprint and personality and that they could enjoy as a family; thus Bemberg Estate Wines was born in 2010.

Turning Dreams into Reality: The Birth of Bemberg Estate Wines

Subsequently, the Bemberg family entrusted Daniel Pi, a highly acclaimed winemaker with international recognition, with the extraordinary task of making their dream a reality. The result was a series of exceptional wine parcels that reflect the best terroirs of Argentina from a selection of outstanding vineyards in different regions, all owned by the family.

A Global Vision: Sharing the Legacy

Proud of the results, in 2018 the Bemberg family decided to go for an even bigger dream: to share their wines with the rest of the world. The passion and confirmation that Bemberg Estate Wines would be the legacy for future generations led them to establish both a winery and their family home in the most prestigious area of Argentina: Gualtallary Albo, a region famed for wines achieving the highest international recognition.

Bemberg Estate Wine La Linterna Chardonnay Gualtallary 2018 WBSS24

The Essence of Gualtallary: El Tomillo Vineyard

Gualtallary is well known for yielding the most outstanding mineral-driven Chardonnay in Argentina, owing to its altitude and very ancient soils with high calcium carbonate content. ‘El Tomillo’ Vineyard, named after the wild thyme present in the vineyard, is located at 1,250m in Gualtallary. This northern part of Valle de Uco, Mendoza is within the alluvial fan formed by the river Las Tunas.

Exploring Terroir: Soil Composition

The soils of this amazing micro-terroir consist of a sandy layer reaching a depth of about 70cm, under which lies a layer of rounded stones containing amounts of calcium carbonate. These soils have very low water retention capacity.


A stoney and flinty nose with ripe apple and citrus characters. On the palate the wine clearly shows lees oak barrel ageing but has retained its vibrant acidity. Alcohol is pronounced but it doesn't overpower the wine. Burgundian in style with a more tropical twist.


This mineral driven Chardonnay will pair with the most delicate of fish. Perhaps sole meunière with poached monk fish tail and celeriac purée, or alternatively, lobster caesar salad with avocado.


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WBSS24 La Linterna Chardonnay, El Tomillo Estate, Parcel #1 - Gualtallary 2018

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