Château d'Esclans

Château d'Esclans

France, Côtes De Provence


Château dEsclans

When winemakers combine stainless steel and barrel fermentation they are often searching for a unique cross between freshness and complexity, as found here at Château d’Esclans. This full-bodied rosé with its smooth and creamy texture and rich, long palate just cries out for raw seafood or grilled oysters and salad.

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Château d’Esclans: Provence's Rare Gem

Château d’Esclans, a rare gem from the heart of Provence, whose estate wine is made from Grenache and Rolle (Vermentino). It brings together two different approaches to craft the wine; stainless steel and barrel fermentation, giving it a unique cross between freshness and complexity, thus making it a full-bodied style of rosé with a smooth and creamy texture that is rich and long on the palate.

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Vineyard Excellence

Château d’Esclans is made from grapes exclusively from the Vineyards of Château d’Esclans. Harvesting is conducted in the early morning to help to avoid the heat of the day and to keep the crop fresh. Upon arriving in the cellar, the grapes are sorted for both health and quality through an optical eye sorting machine, ensuring that they are selected and assessed accurately in terms of overall quality.

Precision in Winemaking

Light, gentle crushing is followed by temperature reduction from approximately 20ºC down to 7–8ºC to lock in freshness and vivacity. Closed circuit pressing ensures minimal oxidation in the free run juice which is vinified half in 600l temperature controlled oak barrels (demi muids) and half in stainless steel, temperature controlled, fermentation tanks where battonage is conducted twice weekly over an eight month period prior to bottling.


Bright, light pink grapefruit skin colour. A dry wine of moderate intensity showing citrus fruit mixed with a wet rock minerality. The palate has under ripe tones of yellow plum, yellow raspberry and cloudberry. Fresh ginger and cherry blossom qualities add layers of complexity. There’s good intensity and focus on the citrus bitter fruit, salty finish.


The citrus edge to this wine would work brilliantly well with raw seafood and salad dishes incorporating grilled oysters, grilled prawns and lightly fried mushrooms.


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