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Poetica Red

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Poetica Red

Authenticity does not necessarily require power and this wine from organic and biodynamic producer Southbrook in Niagara, Canada, proves the point nicely. Here there is no exaggeration. The essence of this wine is its subtleness, its attractive red and black fruit, its refreshing palate - it’s just perfect for barbecues.

WBSS24 Southbrook Vineyards Poetica Red 2020

Southbrook's Biodynamic and Organic Commitment

Southbrook was the first winery in Canada to be certified biodynamic and organic. The decision to adopt organic and biodynamic farming methods was driven by a desire to develop the character and authenticity of the grapes in order to make the best wine possible. This was a full commitment to crafting wines representative of the vintage, variety, and vineyard from which they are grown, with vineyard health and sustainability being key factors. Cover crops, like mixed clovers and grasses infuse nutrients into the soil and attract beneficial insects. Biodiversity is essential to maintain the balance of the vineyard and creates richer soil with greater fertility. Unique composts and sprays are used to encourage diverse microbial populations to support the growth of the vines. Mycorrhizal fungi are applied to improve nutrient uptake for the vines, and bacteria, such as bacillus subtillis, to naturally inhibit powdery mildew.


Honoring Vintage, Variety, and Vineyard

Proud of their farming philosophies, they promote harmony and balance in vineyard, in the cellar and in the bottle, ultimately leading to a great glass of wine. Poetica Red represents the best of the vintage. Certified biodynamic and organic, this wine is produced in limited quantities and only when the vintage merits it. The blend is always unique, representing the barrels that stood out and would work well together. Poetica is so-named because the label includes a poem, different for every vintage, written by a Canadian author/artist, that reflects the artistic aspect of winemaking.The 2020 growing season in Niagara was a remarkable year for weather and wine. A cool spring delayed growth and limited the risk of frost damage. The summer brought above average temperatures and moderate precipitation. Most importantly, rain events were short and followed by enough sun to reduce disease pressure. Sunny and dry conditions continued throughout September and October, perfect for the grapes to achieve their full ripeness. The use of biodynamic vineyard management techniques gave phenomenal results - a wine with intensity, concentration and the ability to improve in the cellar for 15 plus years.


The Art of Vinification

The musts that form the Poetica Red blend are vinified separately. Hand-harvested clusters were sorted and fermented in micro-cuvée lots in new French oak barrels. Post pressing, these lots were returned to barrels for 18 months of ageing. The selected wines were blended and returned to oak, 30% new, to marry together for another five months. Made with Left Bank Bordeaux in mind, Poetica has the balance and poise to compare with French Grand Cru Classée wines.


A wine with lovely balance, all the fruit is present but there’s no exaggeration. Subtle and attractive floral notes of violet and lilac combine with gentle red and black fruit. Refreshing palate, medium acidity with a pleasing balance of fruit, tannin, alcohol and acidity.


A restrained but versatile wine this would work well at a barbecue, but it also has enough tannin and acidity to accompany grilled meats and steaks.


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WBSS24 Southbrook Vineyards Poetica Red 2020

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