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Rich stews are difficult to pair with wine. The wine must be robust enough to cope with strong flavours and acidic enough to cut through fat. This Teroldego from 40–90 year old vines is a great match. Herbaceous; rosemary and thyme, cherry and blackberry, lifted acidity and gently embedded tannins.

WBSS24 Granato 2019

The Origins of Granato

Granato is a wine produced since 1986 with 100% of Teroldego grapes coming from the 40–90 year old vines. It was originally born with the aim of applying an international style of winemaking to the locally available grape, thus producing a great wine. Nowadays, Granato is fermented in big open-top casks and then aged in oak casks for 15 months. The result is a deep concentration and complex flavours.


Balsamic with rosemary and thyme, liquorice mint, fresh figs, sour cherry, red plum and blackberry. Very lifted acidity, medium bodied. Soft tannins are gently embedded into the fruit and the acidity.


Rich stews would work well where the acidity will cut through the fat, such as veal ragout with white beans, parmigiano and parsley.


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WBSS24 Granato 2019

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