Pinot Grigio Salvadi

Italy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia


Pinot Grigio Salvadi

Serious Pinot Grigio made with skin contact and a pied de cuve of indigenous yeasts. The result; a vibrant wine with hints of orange peel and a wet stone minerality that gives backbone, the merest hint of tannin all perfectly balanced by zippy acidity. Scrumptious with pan fried pork chops.

WBSS24 Pinot Grigio Salvadi 2020

Embracing Tradition: Crafting Unique Expressions of Pinot Grigio

In 2020, two sisters began a project to share a different expression of the Grave appellation in Friuli-Venezie Giulia, a region more widely known for industrial wine production, and of Pinot Grigio, a cultivar subject to a similar and often diminishing approach.


Winery and Wines

From the foundation of what was their parents' winery, they make five wines, three of which are Pinot Grigio (the other two being a white field blend and a Refosco), and all bar one are released after at least three years, to share the more complete expression of wine that only time can reveal.

Pinot Grigio Expressions

Of the three expressions of Pinot Grigio, one is ramato and sourced from all four of our vineyards, while the other two are crus. In our quest for the most pristine expression of this cultivar and of our terroir's unique traits, there are no additions or corrections to the wines. Noteworthy is the pied de cuve of indigenous yeasts, which is prepared separately for each wine in the parcel of provenance, to highlight as much as possible the microbial character of every plot.

Pinot Grigio Salvadi

Pinot Grigio Salvadi is a macerated wine. The grapes were sourced from a vineyard with a fair presence of limestone and are heavily subjected to millerandage, nurturing grapes with greater acidity than Pinot Grigio (and Grave) would normally have. This is needed to balance the tannic extraction of maceration. The duration of the maceration is limited to just a few days longer than the alcoholic fermentation, for a more delicate and ethereal extraction. Other than that, the winemaking is fairly simple; ferment in open tonneaux and age for two years in tonneaux, before bottling for at least eight months before release.

Philosophy of Balance

This is a new generation, and within their cultural context, the sisters see one element as paramount - a stylistic choice: balance. It is timeless and, when done well, dances on the edge of the many components characterising a wine, a puzzle each vintage unique.


Vibrant yellow fruits with hints of orange peel and a wet stone minerality that gives the wine backbone along with the merest hint of tannin all balanced by a zippy acidity.


This is a wine that would work with Mediterranean tomato based dishes with herbs including rosemary and oregano. Alternatively, it would accompany pan fried pork chops very nicely.


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WBSS24 Pinot Grigio Salvadi 2020

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