Bodegas de los Herederos del Marqués de Riscal

Barón de Chirel

Spain, Rioja


Barón de Chirel

Steak has many potential red wine partners, but this high expression Rioja made only in exceptional years from 80–100 year old vines, should be one of the front runners. There’s an earthy mineral undertow, dark forest berries and blackcurrant fruit. A velvety palate, rich in body and dry in spices.

WBSS24 Barón de Chirel 2019

Barón de Chirel: A Modern Classic Redefining Rioja Tradition

Barón de Chirel is a modern classic which showcases the identity, tradition, and modernity of Rioja. The first vintage of Barón de Chirel, in 1986, was a response to the growing interest in fine quality Rioja. Since the outset, Marqués de Riscal had very close ties with the winemaking methods of Bordeaux.

Bordeaux Influence and Collaboration

Marqués de Riscal worked with consultant Professor Guy Guimberteau, successor to Émile Peynaud, who in his Bordeaux oenological training also tutored Francisco Hurtado de Amézaga. Later, in 1997, Paul Pontallier, director general of one of the five Bordeaux premiers crus, Château Margaux, also joined. From these relationships sprang the idea of making an experimental wine which would revive the grandeur of those mythical Médoc Reservas, brought right up to date with the technology and resources of the 20th century.

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Terroir-Driven Excellence

Vines aged between 80–110 years old were selected with very low yields and high-quality grapes. The wine is only made in the best vintages when the vines express the full character of the terroir; the ‘New Era of Rioja’ had just begun. Pioneer and precursor of what would later be known as ‘high expression wines’.

Enduring Prestige

After immediate success when it first entered a market hungry for fine, quality wines, an endless procession of wines began to appear in the wake of Barón de Chirel, but the original continues to offer great prestige among the most discerning consumers.


Rich aromas with an earthy minerality undertow, dark forest berries and blackcurrant. The palate is velvety with a rich body and dry spices: nutmeg, allspice, juniper. A full bodied complex and layered wine.


This is a wine that needs protein - either lamb or beef. Grilled ribeye with capsicum peppers and garlic.


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WBSS24 Barón de Chirel 2019

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