Josep Grau Viticultor

El pas de l´Estudiant

Spain, Catalonia


El pas de l´Estudiant

This Garnacha Perluda (Hairy Grenache) blend is from a family run restoration project of a 4ha old vine vineyard originally planted in 1947 in Monsant, Catalonia. Full, generous with fine, grippy tannins and warming alcohol. The juicy attack and vibrant palate require a delicate meat dish such as pigeon breast.

WBSS24 El pas de l´Estudiant 2022

The Origin of El Pas de l'Estudiant

El Pas de l'Estudiant comes from a vineyard that was planted in 1947. The farm is located 400m above sea level in a northerly direction, it is reached by a narrow path that used to be the route that children from the village of Serra d’Almos took to go to school in Capçanes, which is why it carries the name Passage of Students.

A Historical Journey

It was a 5km daily round trip. The 4ha farm was planted with Hairy Grenache (its leaves are hairy) in the lower parts, white Grenache and black Carignan in the upper parts. The estate fell into disrepair due to an accident that caused the death of the owner. Of the 4 hectares, 1.8 have survived in perfect condition. Joseph Grau intends to return the farm to its original state of 1947, respecting all the old terraces and its wonderful topography.

Reviving Tradition

The first vintage of this wine was 2021, when they produced a selection of the best strains of the vineyard to see their current potential and assess the reproduction of these same strains for their vegetative recovery. The 2022 vintage is harvested as a field blend, harvesting all the varieties at the same time as was done in the initial years of this estate.

Winemaking Process

The grapes are co-fermented with their own yeasts in a 2,500l Stockinger truncated conical oak vat and then aged in the same vat for a period of 8 months. It is bottled directly from the same tank.


Full and generous on the nose with lots of intense aromas. Juicy primary fruit with ripe strawberries, blueberries and brambles, red plum and a touch of almond. The palate is dry with crisp acidity and a high level of grippy, well integrated tannins. The warming alcohol is well balanced by the fruit intensity, Juicy attack on the palate with a pronounced flavour profile. Rich mid palate texture and long finish.


This wine has a certain vibrancy that needs to be paired with a delicate meat dish such as pigeon breast cooked medium rare with red wine jus.


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WBSS24 El pas de l´Estudiant 2022

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