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Op Die Berg Chardonnay

South Africa, Ceres Plateau


Op Die Berg Chardonnay

Sushi is now firmly embedded in European cuisine. What better with Japanese tiger prawn sushi than this exotic and extrovert Chardonnay with its ripe fruits of pineapple, papaya and mango intertwined with fresh cream and butter from French oak. From high altitude vineyards on the Ceres Plateau, east of Swartland.

WBSS24 Op Die Berg Chardonnay 2022

Altitude and Climate

High on the Witzenberg Mountain range is the Ceres Plateau, at an altitude of 960m above sea level, this unique appellation exhibits South Africa’s only truly continental climate with winter temperatures frequently dropping below freezing. The cooler night-time temperatures and hotter daytime temperatures during the growing season result in slower ripening, more concentrated fruit. Ceres fruit displays surprising cooler climate characteristics in comparison to other regions of the Western Cape.

Distinctive Soil and Winter Dormancy

Well-drained, soft, yellow shale soils. In winter, the land is often covered with a layer of snow which provides the perfect conditions for dormancy of the vines, a much-needed resting and recovery period before the growth season starts.

Crafting De Grendel's Reserve Chardonnay

Handpicked at the break of dawn, carefully selected grapes are de-stemmed, crushed and lightly pressed at De Grendel with a recovery of only 650 litres per ton. After two days of settling, the juice is inoculated and transferred to 225l French oak barrels for fermentation of which 1/3 are new, 1/3 are second fill and 1/3 are third fill. The wine is barrel aged sur lie for 5 months whilst undergoing batonnage - the technique of stirring the lees - takes place twice a week before malolactic fermentation and once a month after malolactic fermentation to enhance the mouth feel and structure of the wine.


A very exotic and extrovert Chardonnay displaying a ripe fruits of pineapple, sweet apricot, papaya and mango alongside lactic notes of fresh cream and butter. A little flat on the palate, the soft acidity creates a very broad, voluptuous impression and the residual sugar appears a touch clumsy. That said, there is a long aftertaste and it is high in flavour intensity.


Best served with rich and creamy dishes to counteract and absorb the richness of the wine. Fried tail of lobster with lobster bisque and orange zest, or kuruma ebi (boiled Japanese tiger prawn sushi). Of course soft cheeses and poultry dishes would also work.


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WBSS24 Op Die Berg Chardonnay 2022

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