Weyborne Estate

Weyborne Estate Family Reserve Brut

UK, Sussex


Weyborne Estate Family Reserve Brut

Gastronomically versatile and perfectly poised, the single vineyard estate of Weyborne released this small batch Traditional Method sparkling in 2022 after 4 years on the lees. With zero dosage and subtle notes of hazelnuts and butter, it it is very seductive. Try with paté and pickles or crabmeat and lemon.

WBSS24 Weyborne Estate Family Reserve Brut 2018

Unveiling the Distinctive Blend of Vines, Soil, and Climate at Weyborne Estate

Family Reserve is the bottled essence of the annual production from five vineyard blocks at Weyborne’s single vineyard estate with the idea of capturing the unique terroir and interplay of vines, soil and climate. Family Reserve is a Chardonnay led cuvée, so Blanc de Blancs in style, with the intensity and elegance this noble grape variety brings.Weyborne_Estate_Family_Reserve_Brut_2018_WBSS24_1

The two Pinot grape varieties, Noir and Meunier provide a supporting act of vibrancy, power and body. The Family Reserve is a vintage reflection of the Weyborne Estate and in 2018 was dealt a near perfect hand for growing world-class sparkling wine. After four years of maturation the 2018 was bottled in 2022 with zero dosage to allow the essence of Weyborne to be revealed in its truest and purest state.


Fresh and sharp aromas of citrus, pear and apricot with some subtle notes of hazelnuts and a discreet butter note reminiscent of sweets. On the sweet and fleshy palate, it seduces with its pleasant freshness and persistent mousse: a model of balance.


A beautiful sparkling wine that would accompany a range of foods; paté with pickles, crabmeat with lemon, shrimps on toast, salmon with nage sauce, chives and trout roe.


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WBSS24 Weyborne Estate Family Reserve Brut 2018

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