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Henriot Millésime

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Henriot Millésime

An intense, heady vintage Champagne, but one with extraordinary finesse and elegance. From the mildest vintage in almost in 20 years, it displays character and verve. There are intense toasty notes, a velvety mousse, boulangerie characteristics and great richness. The salty finish supports heavier dishes: grilled chicken in mushroom sauce.

WBSS24 Henriot Millésime 2014

Crafting Excellence: Maison Henriot's Art of Champagne

When Apolline Henriot founded her Maison in 1808, she decided to create a Champagne that would allow her to illuminate all her vineyards through the blend of several crus and years, giving birth to the very first cuvée of the Maison, Henriot Brut Souverain. She also wanted to pay tribute to nature through a vintage Champagne, Henriot Millésime, which not only interprets a single year but the reflection of the terroirs characteristic of that year, according to the Maison. Thus, each vintage is a unique creation, with its own selection of wines for the blend and its own specific aromatic expression.

The Exceptional Vintage of 2014

The year 2014; after the mildest winter in almost 20 years with very high rainfall, springtime brought very dry, warm and sunny conditions. Then came summer, with rain and cool weather, but it came to an end with perfect temperatures and fine weather, which helped the grapes to ripen beautifully. It was a year of contrasts, of stark differences which eventually yielded some exceptional fruit.

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Cellar Master's Perspective

Cellar master at Maison Henriot, Alice Tétienne, described the vintage as follows: “If the expression is intense and heady, it is nevertheless of an extraordinary finesse and elegance. A strength of character emerges, powerful, virile yet restrained and humble. The register is fresh, floral, vanilla, greedy. In the mouth the structure is solid, constructive, rectangular. The tannins take place and last after tasting. The freshness is present throughout the tasting, ending with a delicate bitter touch.”


The aromatics on the nose are intense. The wine has dominant brown butter, brioche, biscuit qualities followed by ripe tropical and stone fruit such as dried pineapple and juicy nectarine. Excellent acidity and verve, as well as a nutty quality, honey and chamomile. The palate is intense and toasty with a velvety mousse. Once again dominated by boulangerie characteristics it has great richness and broad complexity. The finish is long showing notable acid/salty qualities.


This wine should be served at the beginning, middle, or end of an excellent meal. There is enough density and power here to pair with heavier dishes like roasted turbot in a lemon butter sauce or grilled chicken in a mushroom sauce. The wine is refined enough to go with lighter fare such as raw cuts of fish served as sashimi.


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WBSS24 Henriot Millésime 2014

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