Klein Constantia

Vin de Constance

South Africa, Western Cape


Vin de Constance

Classic French dessert, apple tart tatin, is the perfect pairing for this historic dessert wine. Dormant for 100 years, Vin de Constance is back. Sustainable vineyards close to the cooling Atlantic Ocean means grapes retain their freshness. Intensely aromatic; indulge in luscious orange marmalade, raisin, dried apricot and honey flavours.

WBSS24 Vin de Constance 2016

Reviving Vin de Constance

Since being re-introduced in 1986, after having been dormant for almost 100 years, Vin de Constance has again appeared on many lists as one of the world’s great dessert wines. It is internationally recognised for its historical importance, origin, quality and unique style.

Preserving Tradition

In order to continue this iconic wine’s legacy and for it to be around for another 330 years there is no desire to alter this successful and unique wine style. However, there will always be a commitment to seek small but balanced improvements in areas that can further elevate the quality of this wine.

Crafting Perfection

Vin de Constance is characteristically fresh, the perfect balance between sugar, acid and alcohol, while expressing the cool climate location and very special soil types of Klein Constantia. Everything done, from vineyard to bottle, is managed with this in mind - i.e. 2016 vintage was harvested much earlier than anticipated due to El Niño which caused a very warm and dry spring and summer conditions.

Natural Conditions and Terroir

Despite being the second year of drought, the Constantia Valley had enough rain, safeguarding moisture in the root zone. The region is also protected from the extreme heat by its proximity to the ocean, experiencing predominantly cool night time temperatures allowing for the perfect ripening conditions and quick development of sugar while retaining a good natural acidity.

Art of Blending

Vin de Constance has always been a blend of various batches, each with its own characteristics, largely determined by ripeness and raisining at harvest and the maturation process. The heart and soul of this blend, the essencia, is made solely from raisined grapes harvested berry by berry, by a specialist Vin de Constance picking team.

Innovations in Vinification

While assembly of the blend usually takes place at the end of the maturation process, with the 2016 vintage, blending of different batches started during the fermentation process. Sugar, acid and alcohol were brought into balance sooner and the addition of essencia ensured that the fermentation stopped naturally, eliminating the use of any technical intervention.


Deep golden colour with a bronze, orange hue. Intensely aromatic wine showcasing the typicity of the muscat grape, orange marmalade and raisins, dried apricot and honey. Luscious palate, sweet with balanced acidity and a long finish. An historic wine, well made and these more recent releases continue to reach new heights.


A classic dessert wine with luscious and honeyed characters that would pair beautifully with apple tarte tatin; caramelised apples with butter and sugar baked in flakey pastry and served with vanilla ice cream. Chocolate desserts would also work well.


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WBSS24 Vin de Constance 2016

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