Bodegas Krontiras

Krontiras Aglianico Natural

Argentina, Mendoza


Krontiras Aglianico Natural

Savoury and funky, Aglianico another way. Crafted from biodynamically grown fruit, here’s a wine truly focused on nature. Minimal winemaking based on only what is essential; there is no oak and no ageing. A powerhouse of a wine with its components all in balance. Try with schnitzel and cranberry sauce.

WBSS24 Krontiras Aglianico Natural 2022

Bodegas Krontiras: Pioneering Biodynamic Winemaking

Bodegas Krontiras is a pioneering biodynamic Argentinean winery based at the foothills of the Andes, high up in the Luján de Cuyo hills in Mendoza. The bodega was established in 2005 by Silvina Macipe-Krontiras and Constantinos Krontiras and was certified biodynamic in 2012. The modern, purpose-built winery is naturally integrated within their Lunlunta vineyard. Its architecture is inspired by biodynamic principles based on ancient ‘sacred geometry’ - around the golden ratio φ (1.618) and π (3.14) - to create an excellent environment for winemaking and ageing. Only natural insulating materials, such as straw, are used to achieve energy savings and there is a very rational use of natural resources.

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Krontiras Aglianico Natural: Embracing Natural Complexity

Aglianico is a complex and challenging variety. Krontiras Aglianico Natural is made from their own certified organic and biodynamic grapes and is created by letting nature itself flow, doing its job, with staff only participating in what is essential for its production, thus it is free from oak and ageing. A wine of natural complexity and intense pleasure, this is a limited edition of Aglianico.


Aglianico in a total different way. Savoury almost funky black tea on the nose -interesting and exciting. Intense rhubarb, there’s a dense almost syrupy quality to it. The richness is well balanced by the very ripe but firm tannin structure. Sweetness is counterbalanced by both the acid and the tannin. It is a powerhouse but it has a lot of everything which brings it back into balance. Shows good typicity for this grape variety.


This wine would pair well with roasted meats and rich sauces, its structure will allow it to support these flavours nicely while adding to the conversation on the palate. Pair with a classic Austrian schnitzel with its classic accompaniment of cranberry sauce.


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WBSS24 Krontiras Aglianico Natural 2022

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