Lingua Franca

Lingua Franca Sisters Chardonnay

US, Oregon


Lingua Franca Sisters Chardonnay

Great wines often show great typicality and this organic, biodynamic Chardonnay is no exception. Smoky reductive notes mingle with nectarine, plums, mango and candied lemon peel. Super structure and depth, very well integrated oak which adds a further dimension. Long length with charming phenolics. Perfect with grilled miso black cod.

WBSS24 Lingua Franca Sisters Chardonnay 2021

Sisters' Tribute to Family Roots

Sisters is named in honour of Larry Stone's mother and aunt who grew up on a farm in Romania where their father grew wheat, raised cattle and made wine from the family vineyard, near a site that today where none other than Gerhard Kracher consults.

Blind Tasting for Excellence

A white wine produced in their honour has to be worthy of that inheritance. Sisters is selected by blind tasting from among the Chardonnay barrels without regard to the vineyard of origin.


Collaborative Cuvée Crafting

When Thomas Savre, Dominique Lafon and Larry identify and rank the finest barrels of wine, they work together with the team to build a cuvée of Chardonnay that is delicate, yet persistent, with impeccable flavour and structure that will enable to wine to evolve and develop in bottle.

Terroir Selection and Nuanced Barrels

The barrels selected without fail come from vines grown on the shallowest soils. Often the biggest portion comes from the most nuanced barrels of Bunker Hill and much of the rest from a vineyard near us on land that partially has no topsoil.

Vintage Quality and Production Milestone

It is a testament to the quality of the vintage that the total cases of this cuvée is 240, the most produced to date.


An intense, elegant nose with smoky reductive characters adding great complexity. Lead fruit aromatics are nectarine, plums, mango fruit and candied lemon peel. The palate has a great structure and good depth and very well integrated oak which brings another dimension to the wine. There’s a long length with charming phenolics. A great wine showing great typicity.


This wine may best be served with the final seafood course of the evening if it is in a simple preparation with butter and olives, or perhaps in a richer preparation with a cream sauce. It would also pair well with grilled miso black cod, accentuating the nuances of the dish and adding a dollop of richness to the overall experience.


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WBSS24 Lingua Franca Sisters Chardonnay 2021

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